We are a collective of freelancers who collaborate on projects, depending on the skills needed.

Andrea Hasselager

Andrea is the engine that keeps it all running. She is in charge of ideas, concepts, writing, game design and project management.Her advertising work

Lars Teglbjærg

If only Lars had 3 heads and 6 arms, we would have a one-person-army taking care of design, programming, 3D, editing and interface design. His other stuff

At the end of the 20th century, trafficking in women, men and children for sexual exploitation has mushroomed into a multi-billion dollar shadow market.

They are moved across boarders, using methods that have become new forms of slavery.

To stop this exploitation in the long run, a key factor is to inform, and prevent in the recipient countries. Find Olena is an interactive story, targeting 15-17 years old boys and girls. In Find Olena you follow Olena's story. From her dream of getting away from Ukraine to expierence the world. To the nightmare situation she ends up in, as a prostitute.


It is always interesting to see how you can manipulate new technologies in surprising ways.

This small and fun application connects to your webcam, and lets you see yourself instantly. By clicking on your own image, you shoot yourself.

Apart from the app giving you a fun surprise, we've made it thinking about the increasing availability of guns, suicide, existentialism, war, school shootings and violence in games.

Enough said, try it out for yourself.

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A beautiful platformer

Use the elements of nature to move upwards. Eat the Nordic fruits and vegetables and avoid that non-Nordic ones.

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Thinking about the famous line from the MasterCard ads 'For everything else there's MasterCard', lead us to think of other situations where your MasterCard actually comes in handy. Which led to the making of this spoof ad.

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The shorter life of a grandmother.

My grandmother died recently.

I always knew that she had an obsession with plastic bags. But sorting out her house, after she died, just made it crystal clear.

It was like she tried to preserve life, by putting everything in plastic bags. But in the end the bags ended up outliving her. Talking with friends from around the world I realized that this was not a single case. Apparently many grandmothers are obsessed with plastic bags.

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What is it about Westerners going East to find themselves?

The entire quest for 'finding yourself' seems like one long ego trip, which is quite ironic when most of the Eastern philosophy talks about eradicating the ego. - It's also quite funny.

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The narrative in most of the computer games developed today, are told from a Western, male perspective.

To challenge this tendency we need more women working in the games industry. - Currently only 5% of the workforce in the games industry today are women.

We thought a good place to start would be to motivate, and inspire young teenage girls to develop games – to show them that technology can be creative and fun, and to let them tell their own stories.


Prince$$ of the Hood directs the issue of young girls being fashion consumers.

It plays on the group creation process in the teen years, and questions what it actually takes to fit in. In Prince$$ of the Hood you play Amira, who has to get herself blinged up,

to get back in to her girl-gang. Along the way she encounters a range of funny characters and get into fights with her best friends Courtney and Shanice.

120 - A game about immigration

Game Activism makes small, fun games about current political events

120 is made as a reaction to the new 'point-system' in Denmark,

Is made as a reaction to a new ‘green card system’, whose requirements immigrants in Denmark needs to meet, to obtain a permanent residence permit. People that are born in Denmark, by parents who does not have Danish citizenship, but only a permanent residence permit, are also judged by the new system, and might be expelled from the country.

The new point system: The Danish government has passed a law that gives residence permit to immigrants according to a point system. The person in question has to obtain 100 points (and 120 points if you are younger than 24), by meeting a series of requirements. The points are assigned in 5 categories: Education, language abilities, work experience, adjusting ability and age. The system favors those who graduated from a University in a Western country.

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